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Embrace Workshop

-Composition & producing creative images
-Branding & creating a unique Voice
-Curating your Portfolio
-Collaborating with vendors
-Transitioning from Digital to Film
-Workflow + editing
-Working with various types of light
-Reaching your target client
-Tips for getting published
-Social Media growth
-Advertising & Marketing
-Styling & Shooting details
-Equipment overview and basics, my favorite things! 

My group setting workshops are designed to boost your confidence in your abilities and teach you tricks for taking your business to the next level while embracing and working with what you have.

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Why Embrace?

What can i expect?

What is your background?

My workshops are called "Embrace" because I believe everyone should do just that!  We can't always change our circumstances.  Personal finances, the market we live in, moving to a new location... there are a MILLION reasons why we can't get ahead, right?  Wrong.  I have been through all of the above and more, and I've been able to learn strategies that have propelled my business forward despite my "limiting" circumstances.  I would love to share those with you so you can confidently embrace your situation and work with what you have to build a successful business.

My workshops will be small groups of entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge and grow their business.  Besides being taught all of the teaching topics in a fun Q & A setting, you can expect a beautifully styled shoot complete with all the details.  You will love this portfolio building experience as you gain confidence in your abilities.

Connie Balluff Photography began in 2009 as a way to explore my creative side and I fell in love with the art instantly. I love meeting new people and taking beautiful photos that they will cherish forever. Although I've taken some college courses in photography, most of my knowledge has come through years and years of personal research, trial and error, and learning as I went. 

My business has come a long way since 2009! I now photograph dozens of weddings each year, many of which I travel for.  I have been featured on Grey Likes Weddings, Trendy Bride Magazine, The Knot, KSL Studio 5, published in Utah Valley Bride Magazine, and more.

Mentor Sessions

The one-on-one mentor sessions are tailored to meet your business needs.  Choose from a 1 hour Skype session, 3 hour hands on experience, or full day mentorship.

1-hour Skype Session.
 We can work through your struggles, enhance your brand, develop a marketing strategy, review your portfolio, revise your pricing and create a strategy to take your photography business to the next level.

3-hour in-person mentoring.
 We will do all of the previous while meeting face to face!  I will be able to teach you posing and lighting techniques as well as film basics.  We will test those concepts through hands-on learning with a one hour photo session.  Choose between a bride and groom or an engagement shoot.

Whether you are completely new to film or have been shooting for a while, I'd love to help you!  Digital only shooters are absolutely welcome!

Full day 6 hour Mentorship.
Prior to our day together, I will send you a questionnaire to evaluate all of your greatest concerns.

Q&A style learning as well as business presentation.  

Styled wedding shoot with lots of details to photograph to build your portfolio.  Bride and groom couple as well as engaged couple to practice on!

Take home a beautiful booklet with all of the presentation discussion topics for future reference. 

Follow-up 1-hour Skype session after our day together to review your images. 

I'd love to meet you!

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