Little Sahara Styled Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

Ever since I moved to Utah and found out about the Sand Dunes I wanted to do a shoot here.  I set it up back in March and was able to execute it with help from some amazing ladies.  The cream flower print dress was made by the talented Natalie Wynn Designs.  I also enlisted the help of another designer in case my dresses didn’t work (which actually my original dress DIDN’T fit so I was grateful these ladies helped out last minute!!) so there’s another dress featured here, the white one, which was made by the talented Janay Marie Designs.  Makeup was done by the awesome Whit at Eyre Blush and florals were done by the amazing McKinzie at Leafy Greens Floral!  I would work with all of them again- and hire them if I was planning a wedding or event!  Seriously, these ladies are the sweetest and are so, so talented.  I especially appreciated McKinzie for coming up with all of the amazing arrangements.  I had just asked her to do a bouquet and she went ALL OUT!  Thank you to everyone who helped me bring my vision to life.  I learned a lot, too, in this collaboration so I’m really happy overall.

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