Hello Friends!

Fun fact: before I was a photographer did you know I had a family blog? I was a pretty consistent blogger and really enjoyed that part of my life. In 2012 shortly after another child was born, I decided to give it up and focus all my energy on my family. We moved a couple years later and shortly after arriving in our new state my business really took off. I love what I do as a photographer – but there’s so much more I’m passionate about that I don’t share because it doesn’t seem to match the content I create! I decided though that my blog doesn’t have to be solely about photography. I plan on sharing my favorite things, fitness journey, travel tips, fashion, home decor, and whatever else I’m especially invested in at the moment. I’m so excited to start this blogging journey back up – twelve years later! 2024 here we come!

Check back soon to read a post about my anniversary trip Bora Bora; the best things I brought, tips, and overall thoughts on the experience!