How I Deliver Photos to Wedding Clients

I thought it would be fun to share how I deliver wedding photos to my clients, and a little bit about the experience I give them. Wedding clients are unique in that they are investing a lot more time and money on their photos than a regular session; so I make the experience everything I can. I start by sending a welcome packet with all sorts of information for them so we are all on the same page for their wedding day. The welcome packet is a lot more fun and interesting to read because it’s printed in brochure and card form with gorgeous pictures and branding rather than just sending the information via email.

Clients fill out a pre-wedding form online for convenience so I am aware of all of the nitty gritty details and I’m not surprised going in or miss any big moments they are planning. I love having this info directly from the client because you’d be surprised at how many wedding planners don’t connect with the photographer beforehand. It’s a whirlwind of a day so I like to come prepared without the need to ask questions of my couple or their family the day of.

Where family sessions or senior sessions might spend an hour or two with me, I spend nearly a dozen hours with a lot of my wedding clients over a period of several months so it just feels impersonal to end the relationship with just an online gallery for download. Don’t worry, I send them an online gallery as soon as the pictures are ready that way they have them ASAP; but I will also print out images from their day and deliver them tied up with a bow in this gorgeous glass box. That way they can have them handy on their coffee table or console table to look back on, and show friends and family that come by.

I also offer albums that are a little more sturdy and hold up for decades to come, but the gold glass box is just a fun gift to give to say thank you for hiring me; and a pretty way for clients to hold those memories in their hand, or use them as decor. Large prints on professional paper is also a popular item clients order; and I would highly recommend your photographer printing your photos rather than taking them to a drugstore or online print store yourself. There’s a lot that goes into color settings, image size, and paper selection; and a good photographer would know how to get the best quality prints.

I also send their pictures on a flash drive that way they have a back up and these gold glass ones are the perfect compliment to the box. I tie their prints up in neutral chiffon ribbon (or use one that matches their wedding day colors!) and that secures them in the glass box. To ship, I buy THESE cardboard boxes that fit the glass box perfectly and I stamp them with a custom stamp I had made of my logo. Then I package that carefully in a packed insured box to protect the glass and I’ve never had a problem!

My clients have absolutely loved this little gift I provide and I believe its little things like this that give them a more complete and memorable experience. Thank you to the many clients I’ve been privileged to work with and for your referrals as well! xo