My Favorite Portrait of 2023 (and what I shot it with)

My favorite portrait of 2023 is this one. I love his facial expression (his slight smile is very Mona Lisa, wouldn’t you say?) This is straight from the lab, I didn’t touch it up at all. I love the glimmer in his eye, his freckles, the grain, the depth and shadows. Maybe I’m biased since this is an image of my little guy, but I also think it has a lot to do with the awesome film I used, Ilford Delta 3200 (120mm). If you don’t have a 120mm camera, try this in 35mm, I bet the results will be just as good.

Does it surprise you this is my favorite image? It surprised me since most of my images are bright and colorful. Maybe I’ll share my favorite color image and what film I used soon (;